"…The degree to which I can create relationships which facilitate the growth of others as separate persons is a measure of growth I have achieved in myself…"
- Carl R. Rogers
This is Sophie Rasura.
A passionate learner & teacher who cares to design mindful spaces - environments that surround you with balance, solace, and serenity. She values cultivating local connections with artists and communities to support creative expression, equity in education, and gratitude. With a belief that continual growth is fostered through experiential education, she is committed to improving lives through knowledge.
  Her academic background at Sarah Lawrence College supports her genuine curiosity in further understanding concepts such as memory for emotional regulation, attachment theory, and balance.

Current Loves
 Milan Kundera, penpal letters, trains, Joan Miró, toasting pine nuts in lemon & olive oil, porch swings, the Apple Pencil, lentil walnut bolognese, collaging, printmaking, architecture sketching, Hilma af Klint, tulips
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